If you already know me, here you have quick access for booking:


Yoga SAILING RETREAT on a SAILBOAT around Mallorca


OUTDOOR bilingual yoga group classes


ONLINE bilingual yoga group classes


Yoga RETREATS in FINCAS (nice countryside houses)


Muscle relaxation MASSAGE


For individual classes, please contact me


In the “For you” menu you can find out more about this services that I share as a yoga teacher certified in India, and masseuse. All of them comply with current health regulations and are covered by civil liability insurance.


If you would like to know me a bit more, and see my qualifications and trainings,  in the “About me” section of the menu you will see the process of this change: being born in a small town, going to the city to study and work in a multinational company, with all its confort; listen to the inner voice , ask for leave of absence, travel the world, buy a sailboat in Polynesia without knowing how to sail , learn it, return to the company, leave it in the midst of the crisis, go back to sail and dedicate myself fully to knowing who I am really are.


Caring for and connecting with your own body and mind, knowing and navigating your own emotions, is, for me, the path towards the reconnection with the BEING-LOVE that I feel we ALL are.